Murcia Health Authority Officially Recognises MABS and it’s volunteers.

CONGRATULATIONS to the all the Volunteers in MABS MURCIA !!!!
On 13/06/22 we were formally recognised as an organisation providing excellent care and support to those who have been diagnosed with cancer by entering into an official collaboration with the Murcia Health Authority. (SMS) D. Francisco José Ponce Lorenzo, Director Gerente del Servicio Murciano Salud said ” The work that MABS does is very important within the local communities, your work really does make a difference”.
MABS would like to thank:
Jeremy and Elliot Newhall for their help and support in guiding us through the various stages of the Collaboration process.
José Antonio Martínez Lozano, Head of Palliative Care for Murcia, for having faith in MABS.
The MABS volunteers for the continued support they give to those affected by cancer.